From inspiration to market with one app.


Write here, edit here, format here and create boxsets collaboratively and rapidly, here.

Write Here

Write within a comfortable interface on the device of your choice.

Import an existing word document or start a fresh manuscript.

Color code and tag your content in keeping with your organizing style.

Insert configurable front and back matter with a click.

Edit Here

Forget exporting and emailing your manuscript for editing.

Give permission to your favorite editor to make changes within an editor's version of your manuscript, automatically generated by BookMerlin.

Each change, suggested by your editor, can be individually accepted or rejected by you.

After editing is complete, you can automatically transfer some or all of the changes directly into your manuscript.

Format Here

We really swung for the fences here.

Format your manuscript using a powerful point and click interface.

Start with a theme. Then make all the changes that you require.

Once you have completed your formatting, optionally save all of these specific settings as a custom style that you can reuse for your next book.

You can also share this custom style with other authors that you have connected with in BookMerlin. And they can share their custom styles with you.

Create Boxsets Here

Add peer authors as collaborators for your boxsets.

Once added as a collaborator, authors add one or more books for inclusion into the boxset.

The boxset owner inserts those books along with any boxset level front and back matter.

Contributors optionally give permissions allowing for custom styling, content editing etc. Or the contributor can require that the contributed book's content and styling be used as is.

Generate Here

Generate platform optimized eBooks from your book or boxset.

Platform specific store links supported.

Support for all major platforms.

Print support coming very soon.